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bored out of my f#ckin mind

2010-07-22 17:00:07 by Triskitt

well im oficially bored of summer break i cant wait for school at least that wastes my time


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2010-07-22 17:04:50

We are all bored thats why we are on the computer. Yep.


2010-07-22 17:06:04

Don't say that, all you have to do is find something fun todo that you'd like to do over the summer, because eventually winter will hit, it'll be cold, rainy, snowy, windy and "best" of all just flat out boring so go out and have so goodd ol' fashion FUN. :D

Or you could fry your brain, like me with videogames and computers.
Happy summer!
p.s. i don't think writing essays is very fun now is it?

Triskitt responds:

oh ur right test suck and studying and homework winter actually fun for me after awhile so ya guess ill play some video games lol